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Here are some of the best sites from which to jumpstart any research project.Online Journals Search Engine:In this free, powerful scientific search engine, you can discover journals, articles, research reports, and books in scientific publications.

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Google and other Internet search engines are great tools for researching the basics of any subject.Facts about the Countries of the World, Countries of the World Fact, World Currency Facts and Photos, World Flags,.While originally created to focus on the state of California, the site has evolved to cover a much wider area.With a focus on science, these academic search engines return all-science, all the time.As Justin Ma wrote, Google Scholar might be the most comprehensive one-stop search of research.Internet Ancient History Sourcebook:The Internet Ancient History Sourcebook is a great place to study human origins, with full text and search on topics including Mesopotamia, Rome, the Hellenistic world, Late Antiquity, and Christian origins.

A search will provide a list of journal articles (most full-text).Encyclopedia of Psychology:Search or browse the Encyclopedia of Psychology to find basic information, and even translations for information about psychology careers, organizations, publications, people, and history.

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You could create a Wiki about how Steven Spielberg was the first president of the United States.Keep your results limited to only the best math and technology resources by using these search engines.It functions similarly to a search engine except that the results are limited to academic sites and resources.

Check out to reference famous words from famous people.Catalog of U.S. Government Publications:Search through the Catalog of U.S. Government Publications to find descriptive records for historical and current publications, with direct links where available.

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RefSeek:With more than 1 billion documents, web pages, books, journals, newspapers, and more, RefSeek offers authoritative resources in just about any subject, without all of the mess of sponsored links and commercial results. | Where the World Comes to Study the Bible

Google Scholar will produce a list of journal articles,.pdfs, and websites focusing on much more credible and scholarly sources appropriate for a research paper.

If you want to read a summary (also known as an abstract) click on the title of the article. (Article titles are hyperlinked in blue in the middle of the screen.).One of the great features of RefSeek is that it allows you to search specifically for documents, giving you a better chance of finding credible information to help write your research paper. for Science - Government Science Portal

Lexis:Find reliable, authoritative information for legal search with the Lexis site.Math WebSearch:This semantic search engine allows users to search with numbers and formulas instead of text.Library of Anglo-American Culture and History:Use the history guide from the Library of Anglo-American Culture and History for a subject catalog of recommended websites for historians, with about 11,000 to choose from.These links provide research news, resources, administration and offices.Privacy Tip: How to Delete All Your Facebook Messages at Once.Make sure you check the box to show only those results available in full text.Any art or art history research can benefit from this site, at least as a starting point.

A majority of the materials linked to on the site are free, but a few journals do require a subscription service to access.Artcyclopedia:Search Artcyclopedia to find everything there is to know about fine art, with 160,000 links, 9,000 artists listed, and 2,900 art sites indexed.Athenus:Athenus is an authority on science and engineering on the Web, sharing a directory and full-featured web search.

It produces trends, map and other visualizations from life science research, like in this blog post.Sign In Join. See Badges. LogOut. Animals. TRENDING ANIMALS. PREV. is a gateway to government science information provided by U.S. Government science agencies, including research and development results.It also discusses a number of considerations and best practices for conducting archival research.CERN Document Server:This organization for nuclear research serves up a great search and directory for experiments, archives, articles, books, presentations, and so much more within their documents.Archives Hub:Find the best of what Britain has to offer in the Archives Hub.Citebase:Still in experimental demonstration, Citebase Search is a resource for searching abstracts in math, technology, and more.EDGAR Search:The SEC requires certain disclosures that can be helpful to investors, and you can find them all here in this helpful, next-generation system for searching electronic investment documents.Get as close to the source of information on a company without the pundits opinions and form your own good.

Kidtopia is a Google custom student safe search engine for preschool and elementary students, indexing only educator approved web sites.Search this resource to find what you need among 756,133 documents and counting.If you indicate you need a response more quickly, we will try to answer it by that date.

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Why You Should Use Credible Sources When Writing a Research Paper.

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