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I signed up already and was able to get my first choice of email handles.About Page, Help, Give Feedback, Privacy Policy, Terms of Service and About our Ads.I see your point, but most of the big email service providers under discussion (gmail, hotmail, aol, etc) are free.Contact us today to discuss your personal situation. (901) 685-1950.

Most companies keep records of email even if they never look at them.To be even the slightest bit concerned about them screams of a paternalism that is rather disturbing.

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If one of these kids came across a computer that had a floppy drive in it (assuming for the sake of argument that the computer looked otherwise modern), the drive would be meaningless to them without an explanation.The trademarks and service marks of AOL or its subsidiaries identified herein are owned by AOL Inc. or a subsidiary.If you already have an AOL screen name, your use of services provided by AOL using that screen name is already govern by the AOL Member Terms of Service.The reality is, this stuff all contributes to impressions about who you are.I explained to my 7-year old the other day about dial-up and long-distance charges.

In my few years of hiring, not once have I ever checked the website that they receive their email.Who their email is with says nothing about them for example none of those above stereotypes are true with me.I have never used a work address for any personal email at all.Communication surcharges still apply, however, if they normally apply to you.

That would make sense if email programs forced you to email people one at a time and retype each one.I still use my aol email and I also use it when I apply for jobs.Back in the AOL age, my dad, Jay Day, had his own domain (still does), comprised of his first initial and last name, and set up email addresses using that domain for all family members: Dad: jay(at)jday. com, Mom: elle(at)jday. com, Me: kittensrule84(at) They were separate email accounts, just sharing a family domain.I think that judging candidates by their email service provider is about as useful and professional as judging someone by their zip code or area code.Just the other day, I had to gently advise a job seeker that, especially with the marijuana charges in her past criminal history, she may want to rethink having an email address with 420 in it.

I am not an IT person, but I do a huge amount of research and data analysis.I was born in 1987 and would certainly be considered a millennial, and I used aol in middle school and used floppy discs throughout high school.Learn how to change the font size of the webpages within AOL Desktop. Menu. AOL Help. Search. Search for your question Search Search. AOL Help.Got a more professional yahoo account post college (this was before Gmail).I still use email for personal things, but not as much as I did ten years ago.Browse professionally-written resume examples and read our top tips.However, when I was in job searching mode, I only used my gmail account, as the AOL domain can be embarrassing.All until last year, Yahoo stopped sending emails out if I attached anything to them.The spam even starts in a gmail account when you never use the email address to sign up for anything.

So paying attention (even subconsciously) to this impression may actually hurt hiring.If we are looking for a plumber or contractor or signing up for a mailing list for something that we both would want to access, we use that one.When she wants to be really intense she can box her response in blue.Another person who played in a huge rock band who has used AOL forever.Interview attire and the actual email username show an understanding of social norms and standards of professionalism, so I guess that in the right context you could make the same argument for email domain.Resume resources shared and recommended by career professionals and community members. advice, news, guides, how to tips, websites, questions and answers about Resume.If you use AOL Parental Controls, the controls will be updated to give you the latest protections.Recruiters there said they downgrade candidates who use anything other than gmail or an address with a personal domain.For people who are fairly computer and internet savvy, it is indeed one of those things.

Someone recently gave me a ymail address and I kept thinking she was confused and meant gmail.The important real communications from friends, family, etc. gets to me through other means.Also, yahoo address has my complete name and the gmail has a number added to it, so I prefer to use my yahoo address for professional reasons.I was signed up for FB in early 2006, and had a personalized URL the day it was introduced.FYI — GMail ignores dots in the local portion of the address, so.There is absolutely a generational element to judging email providers.Our parents talked about barefoot in the snow uphill both ways.Create a beautiful and standout resume in minutes with Resumonk.Remember several years ago when cell phone users were finally able to take their cell phone number with them when they went to a new provider and what a big deal it was that they could keep the same number forever.

My school e-mail address is mine for life and is run through Gmail (with a platform I actually like loads better than regular Gmail).But every single one of my friends knows that I will never willingly drop my AOL account, so if they want to reach me, they can always send me a note to that email.