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These are two considerations which deserve at least a word in any discussion of the future of the Indian theatre. The first.

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Here are certain suggestions that will help you write a good precis: Read the passage carefully and think of a title that tells what the passage is about.

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Precis writing passages pdf Precis writing passages pdf Precis writing passages pdf DOWNLOAD.Writing the Precis. To write an effective precis, read the passage several times for a full understanding.PRECIS WRITING Precis (pray-see, pl. pray-seez) writing is a basic and very useful skill. Understand the essential facts or dominating idea of the passage. 2.

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It does not, therefore, skeletonize the original composition so much as it reduces its scale.Before publishing your Articles on this site, please read the following pages: 1.With the new awakening in social life the need of a common tongue is being increasingly felt.It is not a paraphrase, which merely says in different and simpler words exactly what the passage being paraphrased has.

Structure of sentences and spellings of words must be correct because a single mistake in structure and spelling may spoil the message.

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They are not given to excess in desire, nor to lack of feeling or parsimony.

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At first, in the early flush of cinematic triumph people—some of whom might have been expected to, know better—prophesies the extinction of the theatre.

The first is the rapid development of the cinema as a competitive for prophesied favor.The writer of the precis writing passages has to decide what facts or ideas in.


Precis writing is a process of condensing a passage to its main points.Concise and Precise Writing: Strategies Learners of English Can Use.The writer should write what is necessary and avoid writing unnecessary details.Precis Writing: Passages Judiciously Selected with an Introduction on the Art of Precis (Routledge Revivals: The Selected Works of Eric Partridge) by Eric Partridge.

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People, who lead a lazy and peaceful life, are the most afraid of death.

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It was clear and compact precis. the thing I like the most about this is an original passage with solved answer.If the passage is read first and then the questions, the chances of losing time are more as you will be reading everything again.

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You are to describe as accurately and briefly as possible the.

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The most sensible way of getting rid of the fear of death is to value life properly.Very impressive, perfect and informative helps us improve our teaching capacity.

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Clarity means getting your message across so that the receiver can understand what the writer is trying to convey.A few years seemed to him soon over, compared with those sweeping contemplations on time and infinity with which he had been used to pose himself.

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