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What are the odds of someone being struck by lightning twice at different times in their life.But I agree with what seems to be the majority of scientists, that his imaginary time thesis is more science fiction than science.

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I agree with Thomas Jefferson who was following Epicurus in saying that the pursuit of happiness is the purpose of life.Next Section Character List Previous Section About Are You There God.Simply put, if there is no God, then the evil that men do is not evil, it simply is.

You are able to control the progress of your writing assigment.Notice also that our natural desires (e.g. hunger, thirst) are all matched by something which will satisfy them (e.g. food, water).We all seek answers, we all want wrongs to be set right, and we all yearn for eternal life.So, the fact that you are convinced by your religious experience but dubious about others seems problematic to me. c) In an earlier post you called Hawking an eminent scientist and refer to his book, A Brief History of Time but now you say his writing is more science fiction than science.

As for probablility, due to the enormous size of the universe, its not unreasonable to suppose that on one little tiny rock like the earth, life, although extremely improbable, did evolve. e) Argument from morality--I find that there is no objective morality in the Bible.He was against the third and fifth argument of the existence of God.

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Tawa, First, I would like to say that you have a great writing style.Your second point, of course is precisely correct - the observations from religious experience are an argument for bare theism (or deism), not a strong argument for Christianity itself.Thus, there must always have been at least one necessary thing that is eternal, God.Nonetheless, to more important issues: I am pleased, in a sense, that you find meaning and happiness in life.

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I find it much more probable to explain the origin of the belief in naturalistic terms than I do supernaturalistic.From the dawn of known history, human beings have been remarkably religious.

So does agnostic physicist Paul Davies (e.g., The Cosmic Jackpot), along with eminent scientist Stephen Hawking (e.g., A Brief History of Time).

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David Just a couple of quick comments. 1) We do NOT have evidence of speciation (species evolving into new species).Thus, I wish to conclude with a personal appeal: I entreat you to not close your mind to the possibility of God.

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I think we are in our infancy in understanding what happened so long ago.They think that it is a mental thing of the existence of God.

An excellent book which I would recommend on this score is Visions of Jesus: Direct Encounters from the NT to Today by Philip Wiebe.We are fortunate that in this country we have the time to contemplate such things, for many poor people of the world, all they can do is concentrate on getting their next meal. b) The biggest problem I have with using religious experience for validation of the authenticity of the religion is the fact that each religion has examples of religious experiences.But does that innate belief insist that it is wrong for an innocent person to voluntarily suffer (be punished) in place of the guilty.Hence, it is not necessary to interpret it in concrete literalistic fashion.His theory of imaginary time does not have a stadium full of fans.

Therefore, since time is infinite, there must be some time at which none of these things existed.Here are six straightforward reasons to believe that God is really there.Theology take the existence of God absolutely necessary on the basis of faith, authority, or revelation, many philosophers and.Hence it is plain that they achieve their end, not fortuitously, but designedly.It permits things which we all believe today are wrong--slavery, genocide, polygamy, treatment of women as property, stoning of homosexuals and rebellious children, etc.

If that is so, why do all men know innately that it is wrong to punish an innocent in the place of the guilty, and yet that is what God did in order to accomplish salvation.

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Without Evil There Would Be No Good Philosophy Essay. (Allah or God),.But God, as the transcendent personal cause of the universe, exists independently of time, and as such has no beginning.

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It is governed by a number of physical constants and laws (e.g. gravity, relativity) which are set at exactly the right place to support life on earth.Why There Almost Certainly Is No God. Therefore, there must also be something which is to all beings the cause of their being, goodness,.

But, the universe exists now therefore it must have had a beginning.What if we say, just for the sake of argument, God created the first cell.