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The velocity of seismic waves slows down in the asthenosphero.

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Nebula Hypothesis: There are many hypotheses about the origin of earth and planets.

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More by this author. This essay is very persuasive and make children think good and like the school uniform.It is composed of dense and rigid rocks having magnesium and iron.Mohorovic or Moho Discontinuity: The contact zone of the crust and the mantle is called Mohorovicic discontinuity.According to him, a giant slowly rotating cloud of gas and dust (or say nebula) with swirling motion contracted slowly under its own gravity.

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Thus asthenosphere is referred to as the Low velocity zone. (b) The Lower Mantle also called Mesosphere.Get the knowledge you need in order to pass your classes and more.

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The core is primarily made up of nickel and iron in liquid condition.This phenomenon of intimacy is so powerful that it surpasses any blindness or handicap Mama could possibly have.This gaseous material after being pile away from the sun broke into small chunks and went flying as cold bodies into orbits in the plane of passing star around the sun.

The larger chunks, swept up small pieces of gaseous material by collision and gravitational attraction.

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They are of two types: Primary waves and Secondary waves. (a) Primary (P) Waves also called longitudinal or compression waves, primary waves like sound waves pass through both liquid and solid material but they are fastest in solid.

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