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The Treaty of Versailles was intended to be a peace agreement between the Allies and the Germans, instead with the harsh end terms for Germany, it created political and economic chaos in Germany.Triple Entente leaders Lloyd George and George Clemenceau, and Woodrow.In December of 1918, the Allies met in Versailles to start on the peace settlement.

Inflation and a deflated French Franc encouraged the French to take advantage of the peace settlement.Orlando was not happy about the way he was treated at Versailles.Another term of the treaty was that the Germans had to reduce the size of their army and weaponry.

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His strategy backfired, and Republicans won majority in the House and in the Senate.Wilson also had the hope that lenient treatment of Germany would prevent them from starting another war out of bitterness.Wilson was more interested in peace than capturing German colonies.A formal agreement to end the war was made and called the Treaty of.

World war 1 bought revolution fueled by the economic depression and struggle.The Treaty had to be revised several times before the final copy was signed on January 18, 1919.The German government was extremely disillusioned with the overly harsh treatment they received since 1919 when they were barred from negotiating any points, or treatments of their own country in the Treaty of Versailles.

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Woodrow Wilson encouraged self-determination, as he saw smaller.

The diplomats of this treaty only intended to end all wars and redraw Europe, but this treaty marked the.The major powers that made up the Allies were the Unites States, the Soviet Union, the United Kingdom, and France.

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By 1922, the Germans had fallen behind in their reparation payments.Germany also lost one eighth of its land, all of its colonies, all of its overseas financial.

The two sides clashed throughout Europe, and gained the most support in the countries with the greatest economic situations and resentment of the Treaty.This convinced Wilson to enter World War I, on the allied side.When looking at the Treaty of Versailles, especially from the German point.When World War I began there was no question that the United States would remain neutral.

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Treaty of versailles essay thesis. treaty of versailles essay thesis The Treaty of Versailles:: essays research papers - the treaty of versailles after the treaty of.This gave the French the motivation of increasing their military strength and ultimately, destroying their life-long enemies.

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It started with World War I between the Allies Powers and the Central Powers.French leader Clemenceau wanted to punish Germany by crippling them economically, territorially and militarily.It Was The Strength Of The Opposition Forces, Both Liberal And Conservative, Rather Than The Ineptitude And Stubbornness Of President Wilson That Led To The Senate Defeat Of The Treaty Of Versailles.Outline and summarize the treaty, its participants and the effects it had on the post war world.

The fourteen points called for moderate punishment for Germany, both economical and territorial, in the hope the approach would help Germany by allowing them to set up a democratic government.The Treaty of Versailles was signed after World War I to force Germany into reparations, and guilt for the war.Once they started, the Allies began having different ideas about the wording of the Treaty of Versailles.Treaty of Versailles was the reason Germany started World War II.Treaty of Versailles Essays: Over 180,000 Treaty of Versailles Essays, Treaty of Versailles Term Papers, Treaty of Versailles Research Paper, Book Reports. 184 990.The Communist party, or left party, called for revolt by the workers, while the Fascism, or right, party wanted strong nationalization of government.The participants of the treaty were the USA, France, Italy, Britain, other Allies and Germany.